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Alex Alexander : "Pete Engelhart's Bells won my heart many many years ago and I have always kept the Tri-Agogo Bell as a part of my kit. It allows me to be more melodic in the appropriate music."

Robby Ameen

Paulo Baldi

Scot Little Bihlman

Terry Bozzio

Garett Buell : "Hands down, Peter's instruments are my all time favorite and usually my first go to on sessions..."

Mino Cinelu : "When I play Pete Engelhart Metal Percussion, I am trying to match the skill and art Pete puts in his instruments."

Dale Crover

Manton Daley : "Pete's bells are a masterpiece and a true instrument all by itself. They are tonal, musical, rich and in tune, and are appropriate for pretty much all styles of music. I have never done a show or a clinic without my pete gear - especially my tuned tiburon / shark bell, crasher, mounted agogo bells, my triple bell and now my two secret weapons - my snail and my reco reco. These instuments add so much color and options to your sound and your music! I am so proud to be a part of the family."

Mike Dillon

Jim Greiner : "I've played Pete Engelhart's instruments for over 20 years, and they are still my first-choice whenever I want the special magic that he builds into every one of his instruments! Pete is one of those unique people who is not only at the top of his game professionally, but is also such a down-to-earth person, that he inspires me to ground myself in the reasons I first started playing percussion instruments!"
- Jim Greiner, percussionist, educator and community drumming leader"

Bobbye Hall

Carlos Hatem : "Pete helps us all sound a little better and unique. Thanks Pete!"

Pitti Hecht

Joey Heredia

Billy Higgins

Brian Kilgore : "I've been using Pete's instruments for years on movies and CDs of all genres. Out of all the instruments I own, I enjoy playing Englehart's the most because of the unique sounds, artistry and love that he puts into each and every one. Every one of his instruments is a unique creation, able to create sounds that encourage each musician to develop their own sound and style."

Omar Landa

Shelly Manne : A bit of trivia ... The very first instrument Pete Engelhart sold was to Shelly Manne, when Shelly was with The LA Four.

Airto Moreira : "I have my reasons to play Pete Engelhart instruments. First of all, Peter is a great artist and a very good friend, plus when he makes an instrument it looks good, sounds very unique and it is built to take a lot of beating."

Joe Morris : "I have been using Engelhart percussion for over 10 years. I met Pete when I was still a young and up coming drummer at the Namm Show. His instruments are like none other I have ever played. They last forever and the sound is unique and clear. It is by far my favorite percussion instrument to play. When I hit the side of my kit that has his pan drums on it the crowd always goes crazy. Thanks Pete !!!"

Valerie Naranjo

Kenneth Nash : "Whether in a concert or in a Recording Studio, Engelhart Percussion instruments give me a world of rhythmic and sound possibilities."

Tiki Pasillas

Ben Perowski

Joe Plummer

Ron Powell : "Pete's instruments are unique in looks and sound. They are pieces of art."

Rich Redmond : "I have been enthusiastically playing Engelhart instruments since 1993! They are true works of art and their 'other worldly' tones have always helped me sound unique. They are always with me on sessions. Check out the ribbon crasher on Jason Aldean's smash hits "Hicktown" and "She's Country" for soundscapes that have shakin' up Music Row."

Kevin Rice

Mike Smith

Gary Stanionis